Where I Come From

I’m a native of Los Angeles who moved to Seattle in l995. My husband and I have raised two children, one birthed and one adopted, with several adoption “miscarriages” along the way.

Current Work

I work in Seattle, Washington, as a Child Development Specialist and Family Therapist with expertise in international adoptions. I see families for education, parenting guidance and pre-adoption counseling. I currently have a small private practice and run one or two First Year Home Groups during the year.

Professional Experience

My professional experience, about thirty years worth, includes working with high risk infants and toddlers in a mental health clinic, providing parent education at preschools, teaching elementary school, consulting with pre-school and elementary school teachers, and providing individual counseling and psychotherapy.

Education and Licensing

I did my original training and licensing hours for Marriage, Child and Family Counseling in California where I earned my license in l990. I have been licensed in Washington state since 1994.

  • B.A Scripps College, l970
  • Ed. D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, l973
  • M.A. Antioch University at Los Angeles, l989
  • WA State Lisc. # MF 200000928

Contact Information

For additional information email: patty@pattycogen.com