I Told My Mother

published in Rhino Magazine l986

I told my mother I was molested:
She said I lied.
My face turned black &
My hands beat against my own walls forever.

I told my mother I was molested:
She laughed.
I became a whole &
Searched for a man who could laugh like my mother.

I told my mother I was molested:
She turned her head to the wall & wept large green tears.
My arms fell off to the ground.
My private parts withered to scabby bits.
My mouth dried up and shut.
The earth spun ‘round and ‘round and didn’t stop once.

I told my mother I was molested:
She kept on making dinner & asked me to make the salad, set the table.
I set the large black knife at her place.
I put poison in the dressing.
I folded a threat in her napkin.
I ran away from home without leaving and never came back.

I told my mother I was molested:
She fainted dead away.
My eyes rolled back and I saw a snuff movie.
I was the star, I was the audience.
I was the end.



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